Russian language signboards in Pattaya, Thailand

Hey guys, Vasily is here! Today I’d like to share some photos of one quite significant place for all the Russian speakers. One of must-visit cities of Thailand – Pattaya – is nowadays, for some reason, one of the most “Russian” places on Earth outside the Motherland. Most of the Russians choose only two of Thai cities as a place to go for vacations: Phuket or… that’s right, Pattaya. I won’t list the reasons why it happened, I just want to show you some photos of local restaurants and tourists attractions, that use Russian language signboards. Believe me, that’s trully impressive! Here we go!

Most of the restaurants do their best to attract the Russian tourists, so a;most everywhere you will be offered Меню на русском – Menu in Russian.

In my personal opinion Russian medicine is a bit far from the world standards but some local businessman probably doesn’t agree. Meet Русская аптека – Russian pharmacy.

Для вас – For you (polite or plural form)
Карта Паттайи – Map of Pattaya
Бесплатное такси – Free taxi

Экскурсии – Excursions

Пельмени – Dumplngs
Морепродукты на гриле – Grilled seafood

Город Паттайя – City of Pattaya

Лучший курс в Паттайе

In Russia we usually use the word “Стоматология” but “Зубной врач” is technically correct, too.

Even Burger King advertises it’s production in Russian here! Crazy!

Наешьтесь вкусным бургером начиная от 59 Бат” – “Eat your fill of delicious burger starting from 59 Baht”.