About me

Hey guys! My name is Vasily and I’m the founder of RuClasses.com. Here is some basic information about me:

Cracow, 2014

I’m originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia and I’m a certificated Russian language teacher. In 2013, I successfully completed a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Philology, while simultaneously specializing in a ‘Russian as a foreign language’ program at the Russian State Pedagogical University. In 2012-2013, I completed an internship at a multilingual primary school in Saint Petersburg, through which I taught Russian language to the children of immigrants in Russia. In 2013-2014 I participated in a project by the AIESEC University which was based in Poznan and Cracow, Poland where I taught Russian language to the local university students. Starting from 2013 I have been working as a language tutor online, organizing Russian language lessons online.

My certificates:

How do classes look like?

Trial lessonStandard class
• The class lasts 30-60 minutes
• Occurs on Skype, Zoom or any other calling application
Goal of the class: to get acquainted with me, to make sure my teaching style suits you and to schedule the next class
• I will define your language level and create the syllabus especially for you
• The class usually lasts 60 minutes
• Occurs on Skype
• The curriculum is individual and created only for you
The length of the course depends on your teaching goals

What my students say:

Mireia Lopez

I'm delighted with Vasily's classes. He knows how to transmit his knowledge in a clear, fast and logical way. It adapts to my working hours, so I can combine it perfectly with my work. I can say he is one of my best teachers that I have had during my years of Russian language study. 100% recommendable!

Luckade Poonnalimpakul

I have been studying Russian with Vas since last year. Vas is a kind fun and patient teacher. I had zero ground to study Russian as my mother tounge is Thai. He has a material and text book for me to study online and after class he always gave me homework and checked me up in our next online session. He also taught me the logic behind of Russian grammar which let me feel Russian is not that hard anymore and very easy to remember after I know his technique.

Kristína Bobková
Czech republic

Vasily is a very kind, understanding and fun teacher, with whom classes and learning new language seem to be an easy thing! He always tries to get to know his students individually first to find out what approach and strategy would be best for their studies and also brightens up lectures with his great sense of humor! I can only recommend, you will not regret it! 🙂

Federico de Luca

Vasily is an excellent teacher, who quickly understands what method is the most appropriate for you and who adapts tirelessly to your needs and requests. It was a great relief when I found him, as I previously had many disappointing experiences. Learning with him comes naturally, and I am very proud of all the improvements that he helped me work through over the last two years.

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