Что это? Practice with photos from Russian streets. A1 level

Привет! Here is some little practice for the beginners who had learnt the topic “Кто это? Что это?”. I’ve collected for you some photos of the objects in Russia, that you definitely going to see when you visit Russia (or any other Russian speaking country) in future. Looking at the picture try to answer what you see: “Это …” Firstly try to read the word from the photo by yourself, after that read and listen to the discritption under photo. Let’s go! Что это?

Это апте́кa (This is a pharmacy)

Это рестора́н (This is a restaurant)

Это по́чта (This is a post office)

Это музе́й (This is a museum)

Это поли́ция (This is a police station)

Это шко́ла (This is a school)

By the way, in Russia we love to write the foreign brand’s names using the Russian alphabet. Take a look:

Это Макдо́налдс

Это Старбакс Ко́фе

That’s it for today. Now you can read the basic words in Russian and fefinitely not going to get lost in Russia:) See you soon! Пока-пока!